About Us

Revolve. Respect. Relaced.

We love sneakers. The colors, styles, comfort and especially what they “say” about the owner who rocks them. It’s why we start our day by choosing our shoes first. But we knew something was missing. Outside of kicks, the sneaker culture is inundated with uninspired and disconnected clothing design. We formed Relaced to pay tribute to the roots, culture and individuality of the classic retro sneakers. Our mission is to bring high-quality products with sophisticated, kicks-inspired graphics for people all around the world.

Behind Relaced

The differences between Warren Arcilla and Patrick Simon are far greater than their similarities. At first glance, you won’t see the connection. For starters they grew up several thousand miles apart — one brought up on the streets of San Francisco, the other raised in the ‘burbs of Kansas City. But once their paths crossed while attending the University of Kansas, an instant bond was formed. A bond that created a mutual culture of sports, video games, design and family. A bond of art and sole.