2013 All-Star Game Sneakers

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Patrick Simon

The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas is officially underway. Because Houston has strong ties with NASA and the space program (ie. "Houston, we have lift off."), we're seeing a strong space theme honoring our space exploration. Here's a breakdown of the shoes from Nike and Adidas that you'll be seeing:


Lebron James: The LeBron X outfitted in glittery purple and red.

An indestructible force originating from fictional Nike Space Program (NSP) planet NSP-LJ6, LeBron James’ dominance was born from the volcanic surface in the planet’s mantle. He is rumored to have journeyed to earth on a meteor made of the galaxy’s hardest substance – black diamonds.


Kobe Bryant: The Kobe 8 in orange, red and green.

Engineered to the specifications of Kobe Bryant’s Houston mission, with origins rooted on a planet marked as NSP-KB24. The Ice Mamba circles the volatile surface as guardian of the five rings. The wise veteran is known to strike with moves that leave his opponents frozen.


Kevin Durant: The KD V in dark green, off green and orange.

Identified as Dark Matter, the biological and molecular breakdown of this figure remains a puzzle for scientists. Early readings of its origin, NSP-KD35, have sent back conflicting reports of a planet that is simultaneously solid, liquid, and gas – properties that make his game adaptable to any situation.



Dwight Howard: The D Howard Light in camo red and chrome.

The D Howard Light NBA All-Star edition signature shoe will roll-out in an impact camo red colorway for one of the most explosive players in the league – seven-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. The D Howard Light is his lightest signature shoe to date and features more support and comfort. It features a reflective tongue made of chrome material inspired by the backside of a compact disc to pay homage to his passion for music.


Tim Duncan and Jrue Holiday: The Crazy Fast in camo green.

The Crazy Fast design is inspired by the speed and power of a combustion engine and the drive inside players to dominate on the court. The bold, green zest Crazy Fast NBA All-Star edition will be worn on-court by Jrue Holiday of the Philadelphia 76ers (East), Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs (West) and Rising Stars Challenge and NBA All-Star Saturday Night participants.


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